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Interactive kiosk:

-What is the interactive kiosk ?
An interactive kiosk is a computer station set up in a public space for public use.
Such as:
- communication, commerce, entertainment, or education.
-How can interactive kiosks help your business ?
can help your business save money by eliminating the necessity of employing a large customer service team? This allows your employees to concentrate on tasks that are essential to your operation.
-What are the types of interactive kiosks that we provide ?
-Financial services kiosk.
-Photo kiosk.
-Internet kiosk.
-Ticketing kiosk.
-Movie ticket kiosk.
-Restaurant kiosk.
-DVD vending kiosk.
-Visitor management and security kiosk
-Hospital and medical clinic registration and check-in kiosks
-Information kiosk
-Video kiosk